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World’s Best Chili

It took us over a year to come up with a recipe we loved… and we nailed it. We combine 27 ingr
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Buffalo Chicken Dip

We whip up amazing dip with our award-winning Buffalo Sauce. (Frankly, we should sell it by the bott
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Onion Rings

So we used our house-made Yuengling beer batter one day to make onion rings, and they were so good e
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Bubba’s Nacho-tastic

We fry our own fresh tortilla chips and lay them on a bed of fresh lettuce. We cover those with our
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Deep Fried Pickles

We take fresh kosher dill pickles and drop them into our house-made Yuengling beer batter. Deep fry
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Grilled Zucchini

Never battered. Never fried. Just grilled with our yummy seasoning and topped with our housemade bru
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Boneless Wings

No bones? No problem! Three quarters of a pound of our boneless wings. More than 20 wing sauces and
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Dressings: House-made Ranch, Bleu Cheese, Thousand Island, Balsalmic Vinegarette, oil and Vinegar, Honey Dijon, Low Cal Italian
** Any salad can also be made as a wrap**

Blackened Chicken Salad

We take our free range Amish chicken breast and blacken it in a cast iron skillet, put it on a bed o
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The Nekkid Burgher

We take our signature blend gourmet burgher and grill it to perfection. We put it over fresh spring
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Yinz Gotta Have A Steak Salad

And we do! Fresh garden mix, tomatoes, cukes, onions, grilled filet tips, shredded cheese, and sweet
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Buffalo Chicken Salad

When you have a buffalo sauce as good as ours, you gotta use it in a salad. We take our fresh garden
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• All burghers can be replaced with a fresh Amish farm raised chicken breast
• Sub deep fried pickles for fries $1.50
• Sub zucchini for french fries $1.50
• Add bbq pulled pork to any menu item $3.00
• Add chili to any menu item $2.50

The Garden

A vegetarian’s dream! Start with a marinated portobello mushroom cap, grill it to perfection, we roa
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The Filet Tip Steak Hoagie

We use filet mignon tips (no frozen shaved beef here) with fresh lettuce, tomato, sautéed onions, pr
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Bacon Ranch Burgher

Our Signature Blend Gourmet Burgher with lettuce, tomatoes, mild cheddar cheese, bacon and our homem
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Pulled Pork Sandwich

We know it’s not a burgher, but since we slow cook this amazing pulled pork for hours, and since it
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The Bubba Burgher

It’s not pretty; It’s not healthy; But it IS darn good!! Our signature blend gourmet burgher, bacon,
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N’ Awlins Burgher

Mardi Gras has never tasted so good on Bourbon Street. We take our signature blend gourmet burgher a
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The Classic Burgher

Our signature blend gourmet burgher, lettuce, tomato, onion and your choice of cheese. Plus, there a
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The Fresh Burgher

Like your first date at the movies. “Sure, you were just stretching.” Our signature blend gourmet bu
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The Steakhouse Burgher

Our 1st battle of the burghers winner! Our signature blend gourmet burgher with portabello mushrooms
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Buffalo Chicken Burgher

Please read carefully because what you are reading is TRUE! We start with a fresh ground bison burgh
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The Wild, Wild, West Burgher

Is it The Will Smith version? The Escape Club version? The Kool Moe Dee version?? None of the above!
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